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Hi, I'm Poetry the Calico Cat. Welcome to Gabriel's and my web journal where you can follow along in our day-to-day antics. To read the stories our Mom made up about our adventures click on the links in the sidebar.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Welcome to My Web Journal!

I am Poetry the Calico Cat and this is my best friend Gabriel the Little White Dog. . . .

We are so happy that you have stopped by to visit our new web journal (aka Blog).  We hope you will read the stories our Mom wrote about our friendship when Gabriel was still a snowman (hee...hee).  Yes, that's right--our Mom has a wild imagination!  She thinks Gabriel used to be a snowman! ☃️  She says when he was a snowman he had a carrot πŸ₯• for a nose, but now it is his tail that's in the shape of a carrot, as you can see. . . .

That's him investigating a noise.  You will find that we do a lot of "investigating" as told by our Mom in the stories she's written about our adventures.  I will post more photos every week about what we are up to so come back next week to see what's new!  In the meantime, you can check out my website (In the sidebar click on  The Adventures of Poetry the Calico Cat - The Prequel) to read about my adventures with Gabriel before he turned into a little white dog (hee...hee).  Once there, click on Poetry's Adventures to read the stories Mom wrote.  Be sure to read them before you read Gabriel's Tale because you will meet several of the other characters, I mean my friends (hee...hee), that are in Gabriel's Tale.  Also be sure to check out my poems by clicking on Poetry's Poems and see more photos by clicking on Poetry's Photos.  Spoiler Alert:  Story #2 is about our adventures in Scotland once Gabriel finds me! 😸

Until we meet again. . . .


  1. I just love this new space for Poetry and Gabriel!!! I love the meow I am greeted with and also the arf arf!! Beutiful work, Cathy and mostly such an endearing wonderful story of LOVE. I am excited for you and your new venture here. Love, merri

    1. Thank you, Merri! I'm so glad you are enjoying Poetry's website and my stories. ❤️


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